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Just a reminder for everyone. Have you purchased an electrical vehicle.  If you are using a level 1 charger the slowest charging level , most likely the plug that came with the car and a 110 volt receptacle, this takes several hours to fully charge.   A level 2 charger uses 240 volts and can typically fully charge your car in 4 hours.  The proper wire size and circuit breaker is required to meet the NEC requirements for a continuous load(capable of running for 3 hours or more) and should be installed by a licensed electrician.

Also start planning your projects, don’t wait start getting prices on your electrical repairs or new installations. If you only have a 100 amp panel and thinking about getting a level 2 EV charger , I recommend getting a panel/service upgrade to 150 or 200 amps.

Thinking of getting a generator for your home ? Get a (6) circuit 30 amp transfer switch installed. Also if you think you can control the electric used, like a boss, a whole panel, generator interlock could be used to make the entire panel available but still limits your power use at 30 amps max at any given time. Use with a 7500 watt portable generator. That would be enough to run some household appliances,  electric for a gas furnace, refrigerator and some lights and power for TV/internet.  No power No problem

I also suggest getting an Over The Air receiver and antenna. You can get both for around $100 and would be able to pick up local stations even if your CATV/Satellite is temporarily unavailable.  

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