2020 COVID-19, changes to electrical service needs.

2020 has brought challenging changes for everyone , including me.  As of  06/01/2020  I am resuming normal business operations. With a few Covid-19 safety measures.  It seems to me wearing a face covering all day,  would be rather difficult and could prove to be unhealthy,  I would prefer the 6 feet apart over wearing a face cover and limit the number of people present to prevent possible spread of Covid-19.  I have face masks to use upon request.

I am very busy  so please be patient. I understand if you can’t wait.  I will still need to go about the work with a safe and cautious attitude. The health and safety of everyone is very important .

For now,  I am going to be working with my one apprentice, we will be able to practice safe working methods in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Scheduling an estimate: The scheduled estimate will have to be emailed to the customer and approved.  My estimating software will have a waiver and release clause for COVID-19 built in, this will be automatic once the estimate is approved (limited contact).  It will be simple and understandable.  All other legal responsibilities will remain unchanged.  Honestly,  I am not even sure if a waiver would be enforceable because the courts have little or no experience with this.  I hope everyone understands, I don’t mean to offend anyone in any way.


Cary Windisch     

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